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Jan 08, 2019
With numerous ads posted on our site daily, ads posted a few hours ago would quickly disappear from the first page as they move down the list. Users who wish to generate more leads to their listings will now be able to refresh their ads to the top page, where they are more likely to be spotted by buyers. Sellers will also be able to highlight their ads in order to make them more noticeable and eye-catching among many other similar ads.

How it works
With these two new advertising options, users will see two new links next to their listings: Refresh and Highlight. The links navigate to separate pages where users may select refresh and highlight packages. The procedure for refreshing up and highlighting is quite simple: a user selects a package or goes straight to the checkout, if one package is available only, makes a payment through an available payment gateway and his listing gets refreshed or highlighted. The user may both refresh and highlight a particular ad.

These options work together with credits, Pay-As-You-Go. That is, after purchasing a credit package the user will be able to use the balance for refreshing and highlighting his ads. The available credits will be automatically added to the Refresh and Highlight packages serving as a quick and on-site payment alternative for refreshing and highlighting ads.

From My Profile the user will be able to check how many credits are left, if any, and what listings were recently refreshed and highlighted.

Despite the fact that refreshing a listing allows the user to push his ad to the top of the list it will always show up under featured ads, if any, because featured ads have higher priority and are always displayed at the top.
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